Good Shepherd Mission Teams

 Good Shepherd supports missionary families in Tunisia, North Africa and at a Florida training center for missionaries. 


Youth with a Mission, Orlando

Kim and Cindy Hunt with daughter Katie.

Kim and Cindy Hunt with daughter Katie.

Former parishioners, Kim and Cindy Hunt are missionaries who are on the staff of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) near Orlando.  The purpose of YWAM is to equip missionaries to spread the light of the Gospel in the hardest and darkest nations of the world.  By 2020, YWAM hopes to have 20 bases and 100 churches in target areas. YWAM Orlando has 90 staff members who offer year-round training opportunities for groups and individuals of all ages.  The training campus is on 200 acres, 20 miles from downtown Orlando.

Kim, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, was an architect before being called to full-time ministry. He holds an M.A. in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Seminary and is a licensed minister.  Kim's passion is connecting with the hearts and minds of young people, and helping them discover their calling for missions and ministry.  Cindy, a Denver native, is the daughter of Good Shepherd members  Helen and Charlie Kirk.  A former high school teacher, she loves to develop young missionaries, and teaches in Orlando and around the world.  She has traveled to China to visit and encourage a young missionary woman, Allie, in Kunming.  Then she went to the Philippines to train a group of young missionaries  to prepare them to lead courses in Muslim areas, tribal mountains, and also in Cambodia, Viet Nam, and Indonesia.

 The Hunts appreciate all the prayers and financial support that make their ministry possible.  For more information on their ministry, or to make a support gift, visit their website.


Tunisia, North Africa

Our second missionary family, Frank and Ann Bernardi continue to work in North Africa and their ministry continues to evolve in many unexpected ways. Theirs is primarily a ministry of prayer, witness and relationship building in Muslim communities.