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Dear friends,

As we embark on this year’s stewardship campaign, its name, Hope Grows Here, tells us why we want to support our church: we are spreading the Good News. When we come together in church to worship God, we can look around and be reminded that our sisters and brothers, our friends in Christ, are there with us. The Good Shepherd community gives us hope . . . and strengthens us to go out and share that hope with others.

This community is welcoming and supportive, generous and prayerful, committed to the call of Jesus. Within this community we pray, we worship, we find ourselves with God. This community educates us, adults and children, in our faith. It consoles us in challenging times. And it challenges us when we are tempted to become too comfortable.

In order to do all this, our community relies on you and your resources of time, talent and finances. I hope you will prayerfully consider what support you can offer to advance all the activities of our church. Your gift to Hope Grows Here will have a direct impact on how we can continue to nurture the hope-full and hope-giving ministries we share.

Please take a few moments to review this brochure and pray about the response you wish to make on the enclosed pledge card. We will be celebrating our hope on Commitment Sunday, November 4th, and together with our sisters and brothers, we will offer our pledges to God. Thank you for your prayers and your financial commitment, expressions of your hope for the future of this flock!

In Christ,

Gary +