We are a Welcoming Presence to our Members & Visitors

Do you have the gift of Hospitality?  Do others tell you that you are a great cook and can throw a party like no other?  Do you know your way around a kitchen?  If so, then you should consider becoming a part of the Hospitality Ministry at Good Shepherd.  We are an important part of the life of our parish by providing an atmosphere of gracious festivity during our weekly Coffee Hour, and special receptions for select parish events during the year. Everyone loves a good party, but few have the talent it takes to pull off a successful event.  If you are one of those people, WE NEED YOU!  Consider becoming a Coffee Hour Volunteer, helping in the kitchen for events, or serve as part of our "Marthas", who assist with funerals, weddings and baptisms.

volunteer for coffee hour

Coffee Hour is another way that we at Good Shepherd can be a very welcoming presence for our long time members, as well as newcomers visiting our services.  Please consider being a coffee hour volunteer.  You can volunteer on a regular basis or be a substitute (to be called on, as needed).  There is training available for all things related to the kitchen, and coffee hour, so all are welcome. Contact our Parish Administrator, Kathy Hunter to sign up.

consider becoming a "martha"

The Marthas are a special group focused on coordinating receptions following funerals, weddings and baptisms. Consider joining this group of ladies who are named after the biblical story of Mary and Martha - Martha being the one who was so concerned about preparing and serving Jesus while Mary sat at Jesus' feet.  Someone has to do the preparation right?  If you enjoy serving others in this way, please contact Marjorie Lell for more information.