Helping Jamaica's Needy One Smile at a Time

The Jamaica Medical/Dental Ministry provides selfless love and compassion to the people in St. Elizabeth parish of Jamaica.  This is a collaborative project with Jamaica Missions USA, St. Elizabeth Public Health Department and the Jamaican Ministry of Health to provide healthcare in areas not regularly visited by Jamaican physicians or other healthcare providers. An extensive network of volunteer doctors, dentists and caring individuals travel to Jamaica every year to run free medical and dental clinics and provide integrated health education to patients about proper medical and dental care, diet, exercise, personal hygiene and self-examinations.  

Good Shepherd is a principal partner of the Jamaica mission and is integral to its success through financial contributions and as a source of volunteers who serve on mission teams and its Board of Directors.  Generous financial donations from Good Shepherd parishioners are the primary source of funds to purchase the medicines needed for the traveling pharmacy that accompanies the mission team in Jamaica.   Each year, volunteers sew hundreds of cloth bags that are given to the Jamaican patients to hold the medicines and toothbrushes distributed at each clinic.  

"No previous mission experience is necessary - just a giving heart and a passion for helping others."

The mission trips are conducted in February or March of each year.   Volunteers pay their own expenses and freely give of their time for each 9-day trip.  This project provides each volunteer a chance to help others and to strengthen their personal connection with God.  For each mission team we seek medical professionals and worship leaders.  There is also a need for general helpers with no medical background and volunteers from other health professions.  

- How Would You Like to Help? -

You can help the Jamaica Medical / Dental Ministry in one of three ways:

1. make a financial contribution to the Ministry

Monetary contributions from Good Shepherd are used to purchase the medicine for the trips to Jamaica. Contact Melissa Watson to make a donation.

2. travel to jamaica and serve during a mission trip

Applications and details for trips taken in the first quarter of every year can be found at the Jamaica Missions USA website.

3. volunteer to sew jamaica mission bags

In addition to supplying medications and dental care supplies, the Jamaica team provides cloth bags for people to carry these items home. Each fall we sew these bags in preparation for the first quarter trip. If you would like to help, please contact our Parish Administrator, Kathy Hunter for details.



Melissa Watson  Jamaica Ministry Co-Coordinator   Lisa Houston  Jamaica Ministry Co-Coordinator

Melissa Watson
Jamaica Ministry

Lisa Houston
Jamaica Ministry

2019 Mission Trip Dates

Jamaica Missions USA will once again sponsor two mission trips to St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica in 2019.
Week 1:  Feb. 22 - March 2, 2019
Week 2:  March 1 - 9, 2019
Participants may volunteer for either week or both weeks. 
1 week: $995.00 US
2 weeks: $1990.00 US
Week 1:   Medical Care, Dental Care, Vision Care* and Integrated Health
Week 2:  Medical Care, Dental Care, Vision Care* and Integrated Health