From Fr. Gary: “He is going ahead of you to Galilee” (Mk 16.7)

During the summer, I led a training in the personal, and practical, application of Appreciative Inquiry. As I’ve said many times, Appreciative Inquiry is a method for managing change that emphasizes carrying the best of the past into the present and future. It is a powerful methodology, but one that requires a bit of a “paradigm shift” for many of us (since we seem to default to trying to fix the worst of the past). 

Blessing of the Animals on October 6 to be held at Willow Creek Park

It’s that time again to bring our four (six or eight or no) - legged friends before God and recognize, with them, that they are blessed! And that we are blessed by God through them. This year, our celebration will be on Sunday afternoon, October 6 at 2 pm.  The location will be at the Shelter at Willow Creek Park (8000 E Phillips Cir., Centennial CO, 80112).