September Financial Report


Here are the September financial figures:  

  • Operating Income: Actual YTD Operating Income of $354,772 is $14,969 over the budget of $339,803.    
  • Operating Expenses:  Actual YTD Operating Expenses of $355,738 are $5,935 under the YTD budget of $361,673.
  • Net Income/Loss:  For the first eight months of the fiscal year, we had a net loss of $966, compared to a budgeted loss of $21,870.

Financial Notes
The financial results of the first nine months of the fiscal year are slightly negative.  We are very close to break-even at the end of September.  This is the result of plate and pledge being over budget and expenses being under budget for the first nine months. The last quarter of the fiscal year is usually very positive financially.  Thank you for keeping current with your financial pledges!

One additional note: Some of you may wonder why, on Sunday mornings, so few people place checks or cash in the offering basin as it comes around. This is because a large number of parishioners now pay their pledge by direct deposit through their banks. In 2018 we will be making it even more convenient for people to pay their pledge by offering on-line pledge payment through the Vanco company. If you have questions about direct deposit or on-line pledge payment, please contact me or Charlotte Stasko, our Business Manager.