Sunday School News: Basement Completed; Christmas Pageant Rehearsals Scheduled

sunday school.jpg

On Sunday, October 22, we rededicated our basement/Sunday School area, and I want to thank all of the volunteers who gave of their time and talents to make this project a reality!  Special thanks to Ron Juhl and Marge Pegula who, with help from Chuck Kelley, David McLaughry, Whitney Hill, Steve Kane, Dave Mathews and several youth, spearheaded the renovation by installing the new flooring and baseboards, and redoing the counter area. Thanks also to the Algermissen family who led our repainting project and to Marcia Poirier for creating our new folding chair dolly covers. If you haven’t visited the basement recently come down and take a look at this wonderful space!



I also thank God for all who teach His Word to the kids on Sunday mornings.  Blessings also to the families who supported our Good Shepherd outreach ministries by buying pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch and giving of your time.  It is great to see the church family come together to help others.

Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour November 4 before going to bed.  Isn’t this time of year wonderful?  Who can’t use an extra hour of sleep!

Christmas Pageant Rehearsals

Christmas Pageant rehearsals will begin on November 26 at 12:30, to allow enough time to get a quick lunch before rehearsal.  The Pageant is for children ages three and up. Youth and children will be involved and the youth will be acting this year, not just helping out.  The pageant will take place at the 4 pm service on Christmas Eve. 
Sunday school begins at 9:45 every Sunday, except for Christmas and Easter.  As a reminder, there is one Godly Play classroom, for children aged 3 years through 2nd grade.  Grades 3, 4 and 5 are using Living the Good News, which is lectionary-based, meaning that they are learning what is being taught in church.  The plan is for this to promote family discussions.
The Godly Play classroom will have presentations that will include Baptism, Exile & Return, Elijah, and Isaiah.  The themes for grades 3 through 5 will be…Filled by God (All Saint’s Day):  Jesus discards values of power and wealth in favor of the blessings of poverty, purity and peace; Preparing for Christ:  We wait for Christ’s return--alert and ready; Way of Abundance:  After entrusting his servants with varying sums of money, a householder praises one for risk-taking; and King of Compassion:  We are to serve others with the compassion of Christ. 
I am looking forward to seeing you and all the kids each Sunday morning.

Blessings to all,