“Together In Faith” Stewardship Campaign Concludes November 5


Hopefully, every Good Shepherd parishioner has received by mail the packet of information regarding our 2017-2018 stewardship campaign titled “Together In Faith.” This title reflects the key components of this year’s campaign: prayer, teaching and discernment. The members of the parish Stewardship Committee (myself, Kip Travis, Candace Moon, Anne McMahon, Griffin Bridgers and Curt Watson) hope that, during this campaign, parishioners will take time to pray for this parish and the success of the campaign, to take time to reflect on what the Bible and the teachings of the Church say about Christian stewardship, and, finally, to take time to discern how God is calling you and your family to respond through your pledge to Good Shepherd. The key dates for the campaign are as follows:

1.    November 5. Consecration Sunday
Parishioners are invited to submit their pledge cards during our three worship services. After the 7:30 am service there will be a complimentary breakfast prepared by the Men’s Group, and after the 10 am service there will be a complimentary brunch/lunch – both in celebration of and gratitude for the generosity of our church community. 

2.    December 3-17
Complete Campaign and Wrap-Up     

We have formed a Prayer Team to pray daily for the Campaign during the month of November.  A Prayer guide will be available for the entire congregation for the final week of the campaign (October 30 – November 5) prior to Consecration Sunday.  The Stewardship Committee will continue to share weekly Stewardship moments in the weekly email blast and the bulletin. Our “Ambassador” Team will follow up by phone about 10 days after Consecration Sunday with any individuals or families we have not received pledges from in order to answer any questions that they may have. 

Pledge cards can be submitted prior to November 5, on Consecration Sunday, mailed in, or, with our new updated website, you will be able to submit your pledge on-line. Please be assured that all on-line pledges will remain confidential.

We would like to complete our campaign by December 3, although we recognize some pledges may come in late and we are giving ourselves to December 17 to complete the Campaign.  Our goal for 2018 is to raise $455,000 in pledges which is the same amount that we raised in 2017.  You may be interested to know that Good Shepherd’s average pledge for 2017 was $2500 and the Colorado Diocesan average pledge for 2016 was $3000.  We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we appreciate every pledge we receive.  We believe that with prayer and discernment Good Shepherd can reach our goal as we come “Together in Faith.”