Jamaica Medical / Dental / Vision Mission Trip


In October, the “Music with a Mission” concert, presented by our own Dr. Stephen Fiess, raised $2,100 to support the work of the Jamaica Dental/Medical Mission, which will take place in February and March 2018. Half of the money raised will be used toward our $8,000 fundraising goal to cover the cost of medicines, medical supplies and eyeglasses for the 2018 mission trip. The remaining half is to be reserved for the 2019 mission. 

The Jamaica Medical/Dental Mission was brought to Good Shepherd over 10 years ago by Deacons Bill and Karen Henwood, who continue to actively spearhead the mission from South Carolina. The mission has grown over the years by forming a 501c3 non-profit under the name Jamaica Missions USA, with additional volunteers and a new vision care program.  This spring, we will travel to Jamaica with two teams (46 volunteers in total) comprised of doctors, nurses, an optometrist, pharmacists, EMTs, general helpers, prayer warriors and worship leaders.  In a two-week period, we expect to treat the physical and spiritual needs of over: 

•    1000 medical and dental patients
•    300 vision patients
•    and, dispense over 2000 prescriptions

Providing quality health care is the vehicle through which we can reach our highest goal, to share the Word of God!  

As our mission grows, so do our needs.  If you were not able to attend the concert and would like to support the Jamaica mission, there are still two ways we welcome your help:
•    Donate toothbrushes. Every patient we see receives toothbrushes for their entire family. Leave donations of toothbrushes in the round basket in the church hallway. 
•    Volunteer for a mission trip in 2019.  You do not need a medical background. Go to www.jmusa.org for more information.
Our most pressing need is for funding to reach our $8000 goal.  We would be most grateful for your help of any kind to: 
•    Donate funds for purchasing medicines and eyeglasses.  Make checks payable to “Good Shepherd” with “Jamaica Mission” in the memo; or donate online at www.jmusa.org/donate.  

For more information, please contact Melissa Watson 303-981-0168 or melissa.watson@jmusa.org