Why we Give and Support the High Plains Region

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There are 26 churches in the High Plains Region (one of five geographical regions within the Diocese of Colorado).  The finances of the High Plains Region go directly to grants to churches and for outreach in the Region.  The Diocese has suggested that each church contribute 5% of their plate and pledge income to the Region, and Good Shepherd currently gives 1% of our plate and pledge to support ministries in the High Plains Region. The Region coordinates our annual, regional confirmation service held every spring at St. John’s Cathedral, a luncheon for Church Administrators and several Clericus meetings (bi-monthly/quarterly gatherings of all the ordained clergy in the region), in addition to providing the church grants and financial support for  various outreach projects. The Region has a paid Administrator and all other members of the Regional Executive Committee (10) donate their time. For each dollar collected from congregation in the Region, it is estimated that $.85 goes directly to grants or outreach.  

The High Plains Executive Committee has approved the following church grants and outreach projects for 2018.    

                                                                      2017($)                  2018($)

Income (Estimated)                                    $109,000                $110,000

Paid Administrator                                       $20,104                  $20,500
Programs (Convocation, Clericus, Regional Confirmation,
            Administrators Luncheon)                $4,800                    $5,000

Church Grants and Outreach                                

1.   Prince of Peace, Sterling                           $6,000                  $6,000
2.   Sudanese Community Church, Denver    $9,500                   $9,500
3.   St. Elizabeth’s, Brighton                           $9,000                   $5,000     
4.   Intercession, Thornton
(Friday Evening Program)                              $10,000                $2,000
5.   St. Peter and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Denver
          (emergency Church repairs)                                              $5,000
6.   Church of the Ascension, Denver                              
          (Program “New Beginnings”)                                            $2,500
7.   Christ Church, Castle Rock                        $ 600
8.   St. Stephen’s Aurora
(Messy Church Program)                                $7,500
9.   Episcopal Youth Service Corps.               $12,000                $12,000
10.  Homeless Awareness and Action
Task Force (HAAT)                                         $4,000                 $4,000
11.  St. Clare’s Ministries                                 $5,000                 $6,000
12.  Women’s Homeless Initiative (WHI)        $8,000                 $8,400  
13.  Never on Sunday – Outreach Choir                                        $ 600        
14.  Denver University Campus Ministry
(Episcopal College Ministry)                           $5,000                 $5,000
15.  St. Elizabeth’s School
(Worship space modifications)                                                     $3,000
16.  Latino Ministry (Diocesan Program)      $30,000                $30,000
                                     ______          ______                    
Subtotal Church Grants and Outreach            $106,600            $99,000

17.  Pastoral Support (For Pastoral needs)                                    $5,500

        Total Expenses                                          $131,504*      $130,000*

*The Region has run a deficit budget for the last two years to reduce a surplus that the Region had accumulated.  It is estimated that the surplus will be gone in two more years.

If you have questions about the Region, please talk to Jim Wolfe or Deborah Sampson, who both serve on the High Plains Executive Committee.