Advent Quiet Morning Was a Welcome Time for Renewal and Refreshment


THANK YOU to all who came to experience Grow In Faith’s Advent Quiet Morning retreat in the Chapel on December 9th.  For those who were interested but not able to attend, please stay tuned for similar events in the future.
We recognize that many of us live super-busy lives.  We often struggle to find the time to do everything that is demanded of us.  Eventually, stress takes a toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  The Advent Quiet Morning was offered as an opportunity to rest, if only momentarily, reflect on the meaning of the season, and renew spiritually by lighting a candle, letting go of concerns and being uplifted by hope of Jesus’ coming.  We remember that even Jesus sought peace and quiet at times during His ministry.  

Also, for fellow parishioners who come from various faith backgrounds, we wanted to introduce the Quiet Morning (or often, Quiet Day) tradition found in the Anglican Church.  Although the format is usually structured prayer and worship, we opened ours up to a more “user-friendly” drop-in setting where guests were free to use their time as they chose.  We offered ancient and new traditions such as walking a labyrinth, meditating with a self-guided retreat booklet, coloring mandalas, exploring a sensory Creation table, and different Advent calendars to craft at home.  Silent prayer was also encouraged.

quiet morning.jpg

We wish you a blessed Season of Epiphany!  --The Grow In Faith Team

Karin Elsen, Nora Earnest and Deb Sampson