Sunday School News


The Sunday School/basement area is nearing completion and is scheduled to be finished by Sept. 17!  Thanks to all for “pardoning our dust” and especially for all the dedicated volunteers who are currently and have in the last months made this renovation project possible.  It is looking wonderful!

A note from Elaine Oxenbury:

Dear Good Shepherd Families, 
It has been my great pleasure to be the Storyteller in one of our Godly Play classrooms for the past six years.  
Recently, we decided to combine our two Godly Play classrooms. I have been the Storyteller in the combined classroom since then. But we have other talented Storytellers in our congregation.  Starting the Sunday after Labor Day, I will step down as Storyteller, so that your children can be blessed by the ministry of the other team of Godly Play teachers.  If and when our Sunday School attendance improves adequately to justify offering two classrooms again, I will gladly serve as Storyteller for the older class.  In the meantime, please know that your children will continue to be dear to my heart, and I would love it if they ever choose to sit with me in church!  
In His Service, Elaine Oxenbury

Sunday school begins at 9:45 every Sunday.  Each Sunday, there will be two classrooms for children aged 3 years through 5th grade.  There will be a Godly Play room for children through 2nd grade and then a 3rd-5th grade class. The Godly Play class will have the following presentations:  Jesus and Bartimaeus, Moses, Ruth and Exodus on Sept. 24.  Elaine Farrell, Jena Sexton and Susie Street are the Presenters in the Godly Play class, with Jackie Algermissen and Sally VanWelden filling the role of Doorperson.    

Christina Blackburn, Lea Mullen and Rick Whipp are sharing their teaching talents in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class.  They are using Living the Good News lessons that follow the adult liturgy.  September’s focus will be:  Changed By the Cross:  Jesus’ prediction of suffering and death shows the disciples that God’s ways are different from human methods; Pursuing Peace: Jesus teaches His followers to deal openly and honestly with conflict; The Gift of Forgiveness:  Jesus teaches what it means to forgive others as God forgives us and Unexpected Generosity: Jesus tells the story of a vineyard owner who pays the last laborer the same wage as the first.  

Sue LeFant