Stewardship 2018 - "Together in Faith"


Kip Travis and I are serving as the co-chairs of Good Shepherd’s 2018 Stewardship Committee and we are excited to announce the key dates and some of the components of the 2018 campaign.
The key dates for this year’s campaign are:
1.  Annual 2018 Stewardship Kick-Off Sunday - October 8
2.  Consecration Sunday (Turn in Pledge Cards} - November 5
3.  Complete Campaign and Wrap-Up - December 3-17    

The 2018 stewardship campaign will have three components: prayer, teaching and discernment.  We have formed a Prayer Team to hold the entire campaign in prayer during October and November as they pray the Campaign Prayer daily.  A prayer guide will be available for the entire congregation for the final week (October 30 – November 5) prior to Consecration Sunday, our pledge ingathering day. The Stewardship Committee will be sharing weekly stewardship moments in the weekly email blast and the Sunday worship bulletin.  In addition, the Committee will be sending out three newsletters on stewardship plus a package of materials, including a campaign brochure, a pledge card, a cover letter, and a return addressed envelope. 
Finally, through prayer and in response to the materials they receive, we hope that parishioners will take time to discern how they feel called to respond and, in doing so, discover how Christian stewardship can be a life-transforming experience. We hope that, rather than deciding to give in response to a request, parishioners will decide to give as a result of prayer and in the context of their relationship with God. In this way, parishioners will have the experience of putting their faith into practice as we come “Together in Faith.”  
In addition to the Prayer Team, we have formed an Ambassador Team to help with the 2018 campaign.  This 20-person Ambassador Team will make calls to parishioners two weeks prior to Consecration Sunday (November 5) to make sure they have received their Stewardship package and answer any questions parishioners may have.  Ten days after Consecration Sunday, they will also follow up with any families we have not received pledges from in order to make sure they submit their pledge in a timely manner. 
On Consecration Sunday, we will be serving a breakfast after the 7:30 AM service, a light lunch after the 10:00 AM service, and treats after the 6:00 PM service.  
Pledge cards can be turned in prior to Consecration Sunday or on Consecration Sunday itself. Pledges can also be mailed in or submitted on our new updated church website. You will be able to go onto our website and, under the “Donate” link, fill out your pledge for 2018.  We want to ensure you that by pledging on the website your pledge remains confidential.
We would like to complete our campaign by December 3. Although we recognize that some pledges may come in late, we are giving ourselves to December 17 to complete the Campaign.  Our goal for 2018 is to raise $455,000 in pledges which is the same amount that we raised in 2017.  We believe that with prayer and discernment the Good Shepherd community will be able to reach this goal as we come “Together in Faith.”