Vestry Meditation: Feeling God's Love Wrapped Around Us

ron juhl.png

This month’s Vestry meditation comes from Ron Juhl. Ron recently retired after a 30-plus year career as a United Airlines pilot. At Good Shepherd, Ron oversees the interior of our church building and over the past three months has been in charge of our basement renovation project. He and his wife Patti live in Centennial.

At the September Vestry meeting I read the following reflection, based on I Corinthians 1:24-26, from the Forward Day By Day devotional pamphlet for September 19:
    How big is God? The question itself can hardly be contained within the confines of our human minds. But if we can’t grasp the gravity and enormity of the question, what hope do we have of accessing the grace and love available to us?
    Fortunately for us, God, out of infinite wisdom and measureless love, has been made manifest in Jesus Christ. God knew we needed an enfleshed example of love to walk among us in order to see the light, truth and way to God, to show us how we might come into the kingdom. “For my thoughts are not our thoughts, nor your ways my ways, says the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8)
And we are tremendously blessed that this is so.

This reflection reminded me of two events in my life. First, just before I began my treatment for throat cancer two years ago I experienced something very powerful and surprising - the feeling of God’s love wrapped around me. Recently, my niece shared a similar experience that she had as she prepared to be treated for her cancer.  After I shared these two experiences, other Vestry members shared the fact that they had had similar experiences and we talked about how, in different ways, we have experienced the peace and the comfort of God’s presence in our lives. We also agreed that the challenge is being willing to “let go” and receive the “light” and the “truth” of God’s love.