We Need Your Help with our Pumpkin Offload on October 7


Pumpkin Patch time has arrived! The offload of the pumpkins begins at 9 am on October 7th. We are hoping for a huge turnout so we can get the pumpkins off the truck and onto the palettes in record time. Bring friends, family and anyone who needs community service to lend a hand. A free hot dog lunch will follow the off load. Check your email before you come in case the truck is delayed.
Special thanks to the Men's Group for setting up the pallets, hay bales and fences in preparation for the off load. Also, to the Youth Group for planning a free, family fun day on October 15th from 12-3pm. Check your Sheepskin or the Good Shepherd Facebook page for more details.You, too, can help the effort by signing up to volunteer for a sales shift at church or on line. There are many shifts still available!
New this year is a Pumpkin Carving Contest sponsored by Pumpkin Patch USA, the organization that provides the pumpkins for our patch. The winner will be chosen by Facebook votes and the prize is $10,000! Details will be available in the patch after the offload. Sharpen your carving tools and let's have a winner from Good Shepherd!