Stewardship 2018: “Together in Faith”


As of Sunday, January 28, we have received 160 pledges for $399,626 (Average pledge $2,498 per family unit).  We are still hopeful of receiving another 8-10 pledges that will help us get to about $410,000.

Our goal for this Stewardship Campaign was $455,000 or the same amount that was pledged last year.  When the pledge campaign was concluded on November 5 we realized that we were not going to reach this goal due to the fact that, in 2017, 20 families or individuals notified us that they were moving – either out of state, out of town or to another church in the area. In addition, two pledging parishioners died in 2017 and 11 notified us that they would be contributing through the plate. And, as previously mentioned, we are still waiting to hear from seven parishioners who have verbally committed to making a pledge. This loss in pledges was partially offset by 20 new pledges for 2018.  The decline in anticipated income – approximately $45,000 – will be offset by two factors: 1) we ended the year with a $20,000 cash surplus and 2) Fr. Craig’s retirement will mean a significant reduction in clergy salary and benefits for the last 8 months of the year. 

Despite the decline in pledging units – from 177 in 2017 to 161 in 2018 – and the decline in total pledge income, we were very proud of the 2018 stewardship campaign titled, “Together in Faith.” Key features of this campaign were: the involvement of a large group of “Ambassadors,” who contacted parishioners during and following the campaign, our prayer team, and the sacrificial gifts that so many families at Good Shepherd made to get to our current level of pledges.

The Finance Committee and the Vestry have taken the results of the 2018 Stewardship Campaign and presented a balanced budget for 2018 which was presented at our Annual Meeting.  Once again, thank you for your support and your pledges to our 2018 Stewardship Campaign.