2018 Pumpkin Patch Update

Pumpkin patch logo.png

The 2018 Pumpkin Patch provided Good Shepherd the opportunity to give $1800 to each of our five charities that support the hungry and homeless populations in our community. These organizations include Covenant Cupboard Food Pantry, HAAT Force: South Metro, House of Hope, St Clare’s Ministries and the St. Francis Center. Our ongoing relationship with these groups strengthens our outreach into our community.

It takes many volunteers to make the Pumpkin Patch a success. There were approximately 80 volunteers who worked 256 sales shifts over the 26 days that the patch was open. There were seven Day Captains who spent a total of 208 hours supervising the patch, regardless of the weather challenges we faced. Ten counters shared 52 hours after the patch closed counting the receipts, reporting our sales to Pumpkins USA and depositing the cash. We are not even able to count the number of people who helped with the offload, the lunch, the setup of the patch and the cleanup. Then there is the fabulous office staff that went above and beyond their normal duties to see that things ran smoothly. THANK YOU, EVERYONE for you generosity of time and talent.

As noted earlier this year, we are stepping down as coordinators of this worthwhile project. We have appreciated all of your hard work and support over the last two years.