Results of how “Hope Grows” at Good Shepherd

hope campaign.jpg

Hope CAN Grow Here!

As many of you know, during the stewardship campaign, Hope Grows Here, I asked folks to complete (on big poster boards) the following four statements about how “Hope Grows” for them at good Shepherd! I just want you ALL to see the ways that Hope can Grow at Good Shepherd over the next year(s)!

Hope Grows Here for me!

• A home for Prayer, worship & building relationships

• A place with lots of music

• A place where our arms are open to welcome, pray for, and love all the people of God. To welcome strangers.

• A community of caring committed people.

• Presume Positive Intentions; Joy & Fellowship

Hope Grows Here for my family!

• A place we can worship together!

• To feel welcomed

• Provide a sense of community and shared mission

• A place where my church family is so very important to me; they truly do care.

• A plan where all of God’s people are welcome and loved!!

• Adult formation/education Bible & Common Prayer study

• A place to share love

• It is important for us to work together in getting a new organ

• . . . to embrace difference

• For volunteers in ministry to share the fellowship and opportunities to serve . . .

Hope Grows Here for my church!

• The opportunity to grow, spiritually and in numbers

• That we can develop a multigenerational community that allows young and old to learn from each other and supports those at every stage of life

• Racial Reconciliation work

• Building up our membership

• To build upon our love and knowledge of God and His people

• That all of you will become acolytes

• That everyone is included and loved

• That the welcome mat stays out!

• That we learn to become the less-fortunate and others in our community that may not look like most of us or speak the same language

Hope Grows Here for my community!

• A place I can invite our community to join us

• Our worship community is a place where genuine conversation and connectedness can be round in a disconnected world

• Social Justice work

• Peace and social justice work with deep spiritual meaning

• To spread Jesus’ example to the world beyond our boundaries

• For Good Shepherd to be an “oasis” for musical expression in the south metro area

We can make it happen! We can make it grow!