Hope Grows Here Stewardship Campaign Update


We want to thank all the parishioners who have pledged for the 2019 Capital Campaign.  As of 12/26/2018 we have received 127 pledges for $344,110 for an average of $2709 per pledge.  As we mentioned previously, the Stewardship Committee has set a goal for 2019 for 175 pledges, with an average pledge of $2500 per family/ individual for a pledge amount of $437,500.    

Our Stewardship Campaign is very important because the Finance Committee and the Vestry build our 2019 budget based on our 2019 Stewardship Campaign pledges.  We will build the 2019 budget in December and early January and present the budget at our annual meeting on January 27.   

We are $93,000 short of our goal in pledge income, we really need your help to maintain the staff and programs that we have experienced in 2018.  Pledge cards are available on the newcomers table in the hallway and you can pledge through our website.  Pledges can be placed in the collection plate on Sunday, mailed in or made through our website – your confidentiality is maintained in each of these ways.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s season and thank you for your help.