Good Shepherd’s Prayer Shawl Ministry Helps Former Parishioner

prayer shawl ministry.jpg

One of the Quiet Ministries at Good Shepherd is the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  This Ministry was originally started by Betty Shatwell and has been carried on by Marcia Poirier.  Betty felt this was something she could do and felt very strongly about the power of Prayer and the use of Prayer Shawls when someone was sick or dying.

About a year ago, a former Parishioner, Ron Wilburn, was diagnosed with a brain tumor for a second time.  Ron and his wife Dana had been very active at Good Shepherd in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  They had a Bible study at their home on a regular basis before they left Good Shepherd.  Bev and I were wondering what we could take to visit with Ron in the Someren Glen Center (formally the Johnson Center) at Holly and Arapahoe (behind the King Soopers).  Then it dawned on us to take a Prayer Shawl. 

The Wilburn family and our family were very close, and, during our visit, we placed the Prayer Shawl around Ron.  Ron died about a month later and we knew that his death was very difficult for Dana.  We continued to send Christmas Cards to Dana but never heard from her until a week ago.

Dana shared with us how difficult losing Ron had been and she mentioned that she just wasn’t up to sending out Christmas cards yet.  In her letter she shared how touched she and Ron were that we had brought the Prayer Shawl for Ron and had visited and prayed with him.  In fact, they were so surprised and pleased that they buried Ron with the Prayer Shawl around his neck and shoulders.  Bev and I were surprised and pleased that the Prayer Shawl had such an impact on them.  A wonderful quiet Ministry that impacts people’s lives!!  Prayer Shawls are available in the back of the Sanctuary by the window that looks out on our back-porch area.