Stewardship 2018 – “Together in Faith” – a Polite “Ask”

stewardship campaign.png

As of last week, we have received 161 pledges for $404,901 (Average pledge $2,499/ family).  The Stewardship Committee is “Asking” that individuals or families that have not filled out a Pledge card for 2018 consider doing so.  This may be new families, families that pledged last year but have not filled out a pledge card for 2018, or existing Good Shepherd members that have not filled out a pledge card.  The balanced budget that we presented at our Annual Parish Meeting in January is based on having a base pledge level of $410,000.  This level of pledges is still 10% below last year and we believe is a minimum to maintain our present level of operations.  We hope this is a polite “Ask” but we really need your help.  Pledge cards are available in the hallway outside the Sanctuary and can be placed in the offering basin on Sunday morning, mailed, or slid under our Parish Administrator’s door.    
The Stewardship Committee will be publishing monthly newsletters as we transition to a year-round ministry.  We will meet at least every other month early in the year and then monthly as we approach the 2019 stewardship campaign.  We are considering publishing weekly articles in the bulletin and the weekly “Enews.”  We are also considering making a short video about our congregation in order to showcase the many programs and ministries that go on at Good Shepherd. In 2018 we had a number of families/ individuals that have decided to contribute to the plate and not pledge, and we hope that our efforts to provide more information about our congregation will encourage parishioners to pledge in 2019.
As we review the last two years, we had $455,000 in pledges in 2017 and we hope to have $410,000 in pledges for 2018.  To carry out our ministries in 2019 we believe that we will need $430,000 in pledges.  
Jim Lee Wolfe and Kip Travis
Co-Chairs for the 2018 Stewardship Campaign
(Committee Members: Anne McMahon, Griffin Bridgers, Curt Watson, Tom Billings)