Transition Prayer Station Now Available in Good Shepherd Narthex; Stop by and Contribute to Our Common Prayer

goodshepherd icon.jpg

During this time of transition for our church and the need for unity during change, the Grow-In-Faith Team would like you to contribute to our Common Prayer.  A common prayer is composed of many distinct voices, young and old, knitted together as one prayer, joining all voices to God. 

Like the collect heard at the beginning of worship which “gathers together” the people’s requests and petitions, we hope to gather our wishes, thanksgivings and desires for Good Shepherd and our community into one creative expression – Our Common Prayer.    

Let us ask ourselves:  Who do we need God to be for us these days?  What can we ask or thank God for?

Look for the Good Shepherd icon and please visit our Prayer Station in the narthex (church hallway) where we have colorful cards and pens for your use.  Instructions are on the table.  If you’re feeling rushed or distracted, take a card home to fill out when you’re feeling more peaceful.  We would love for children and youth to contribute too!  We want ALL voices to be heard.  Just return cards to the basket on the table.

The Grow-In-Faith Team will compile the prayers and present them in the Pentecost Sunday bulletin.

The creation of these prayers can bind us together in profound ways.  The Holy Spirit is active in the process!