Parishioners Contribute to Good Shepherd’s Common, Creative Prayer

Dear People of Good Shepherd:

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Here is a prayer we have written together from the index cards that were submitted at the Transition Prayer Station.   It is our Common Creative Prayer, composed of many voices.  In this prayer, we express to God our hopes, dreams and wishes for Good Shepherd, and thank Him for the blessings we receive.

Dear God, Closest Friend, Creator, Healer, Magnet, One Who Is Always Present, Guide, Model, Grower, Patient One, Lord, Father In Heaven, Good Shepherd, Clarity, One Who Knows What Is Best for Us,

We are a church in transition and a people on a journey.
We come before You to ask that You:

Listen to my heart,
Bless us to be strong,
Keep us strong as we go through this change and get strong in faith,
Bless our faith,
Give patience for the congregation, and wisdom and insight for those involved in the selection process,
Help us keep the church together,
Bless us to be strong with each other,
Give the community of Good Shepherd the blessings of wisdom and peace, as we carefully and prayerfully search for a new priest.  Lord, may she/he also carefully and prayerfully ask for your guidance and wisdom, and peace, as she/he learns from us the hopes, fears, strengths and needs of the people of Good Shepherd,
Give us the blessings of Wisdom, Peace, Truth, Kindness, Patience, Gift of Listening and Understanding,
Bless our church – Rock us in your arms,
Let us grow and further Good Shepherd’s purpose,
Bless and guide us as we walk this journey in search of new beginnings,
Bless the church on a new journey to find someone for our church and please have our church greet them with open arms,
Give us patience with each other and the process,
Will find and send us the right priest for Good Shepherd,
Make Good Shepherd a peaceful sanctuary for all,
Give us growth, Inspire us,
Let us know how to attract young families,
Let us build Good Shepherd as a community,
Give us courage,
Let us follow where you lead us, listen to what you say to us, see you with our eyes of faith,
And, show us how to live in peace, concord, love and service.

We pray together for:

More young members, for more attendance, appeal, and marketing for younger generations,
That we find a priest that will inspire us to leave our secular differences at the door of the church and explore new pathways that enable us to improve our community and world,
That we find a Rector from somewhere across the U.S. who has the knowledge, scholarship, and compassion to move Good Shepherd forward in our spiritual lives and this community all-encompassing to our neighborhood,
A strong, diverse Christian church,
That a Rector search does not disillusion people as it can seem like such a long time in limbo,
That we seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and grant that she may work in us and through us as we strive to accomplish God’s will in our lives and that of the future of Good Shepherd church,
Good Shepherd to find a Rector that will strengthen and build us as a community,
Unity and acceptance of all ideas and people within our congregation,
And, love for all human beings.

Thank you Lord for Your generous blessings of:

Living in a wealthy community, living in a safe community, and for the many talents in our congregations that can solve problems.
Safe delivery of grandchild and return to health of child.
Mutual support of one another.
Colorado mountains.
Family, job, sharing sacred moments with people, house, friends, school, the crew.
We praise those who are needy.
For your strong magnetic pull; no matter how far I stray, you are always pulling me back into relationship with you.
And, the sweet spirit of community building. 

Grant us by the Spirit to have a right judgment in all things, and evermore to rejoice in his holy comfort.