Rector’s Discretionary Fund Suspended During Transition

Dear People of Good Shepherd:

transition (1).png

We know that our church has a heart for outreach and generous giving.  Our giving heritage includes the Rector’s Discretionary Fund which addresses the immediate needs of the church and wider community, including alms-giving to the poor and homeless for items such as food or lodging.  In this tradition, our priests have budgeted the funds and assessed one-on-one the needs of the individuals seeking help.  The priest also provides spiritual care to the receiver.  During transition, for various reasons, it is difficult to continue this type of outreach without a Rector.  As a result, the Vestry has determined that payments from the Rector’s Discretionary Fund will discontinue until a Priest in Charge is called (however, any designated giving to the Fund can continue.)

We also understand that there have been visitors on Sundays and during the week who may be soliciting money from parishioners.  We ask that parishioners please refrain from giving out cash to individuals and instead offer our new Resource and Referral List (copies of which are found in the Parish Hall.)  The list will direct a person in need to a professional agency or faith-based ministry better equipped to help at this time.

Finally, for those of you who feel inclined to give, we ask that you consider these alternatives:

  • Donate to St. Francis Center, St. Clare’s Ministries or Covenant Cupboard, all providing food and basic services;
  • Continue to support our Outreach in-gatherings with items distributed to local Outreach partners;
  • Continue to pray for all poor and neglected persons in our community who are experiencing hardship and are broken in body or spirit.

Thank You! Your Vestry