Transition Update: A Message from our Junior Warden, Nora Earnest

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The month of May is a natural time of transition.  Students graduate from high school; homeowners prepare their homes for sale; brides make last minute decisions as wedding season begins.  Regardless of the transition, preparation is essential.  Students may spend months visiting universities or technical schools prior to deciding on the best place to further their knowledge or education.  Homeowners may take time to clear out clutter or hire a professional stager to prepare their home for sale.   Brides may try on countless wedding dresses or visit a handful of event venues to find the perfect attire and locale for their transition into married life. 

In a similar manner, the successful transition to secure Good Shepherd’s next Rector is incumbent upon preparation.  This preparation began during the months of February and March with congregational meetings about the available search models.  The Good Shepherd Vestry listened to the comments, feedback, and questions posed by members of the congregation at these meetings.  After prayerful consideration and much discussion, the Vestry decided to pursue the Priest-in-Charge search model at the April Vestry meeting.

Preparations continued with congregational input meetings on May 19 and 20.  At these meetings, members of the congregation were asked to consider specific questions related to what they value about Good Shepherd; how they’d like to see the church grow; and the qualities they’d like to see in the next Rector.  These answers, among others, will be compiled into a “Needs Assessment” document, which will be used by the Office of the Bishop to identify an Interim Priest and/or a Priest-in-Charge for Good Shepherd. 

The congregation also heard from Ms. Ann Fleming, Missioner for Transition Ministry and Congregational Development at the Diocese of Colorado, during the services on May 20.  Ms. Fleming provides assistance and support to congregations experiencing transition.  She noted that while transition can be difficult, the process often provides many opportunities for visioning, collaboration, and growth.

Preparations will continue as the Vestry works to complete the Needs Assessment.  The congregation may be asked for further input via in-person meetings or online responses, and your input is greatly appreciated.  Once completed, the Needs Assessment document will be shared with the entire congregation and the Office of the Bishop.  

The Vestry will also attend an “interview training” session, provided by Ms. Fleming, to discuss how to prayerfully approach interviewing candidates and prioritizing the themes outlined in the Needs Assessment.

The Vestry is committed to leading a successful transition and one that values an open dialogue with the entire congregation.  If you have questions or comments regarding this process, please use the online feedback form or contact any member of the Vestry.  The Vestry will continue to update the congregation with regular email and website updates.

Times of transition may pose challenging, but if you were to ask a college freshman, a new homeowner, or a newlywed whether the days and months of preparation were worth it, you’d likely receive an enthusiastic response.  Please join the Vestry in praying that we too will be enthusiastic at the close of our time of transition.  Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement throughout this entire process.  The Vestry values the congregation and appreciates your involvement in finding the next Rector for Good Shepherd.