Music with a Mission Update: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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The Good: A Big Thank You!

A hearty thank you to those of you who have already become Angel Sponsors for our 2018-2019 season! To date, we have 47 Angel Sponsors, and the volunteer positions of parking lot attendants, ushers and stage crew have all been filled. I am still hearing many positive things about our series, and it seems that everyone is in favor of continuing the series for our 4th season.

The Bad: We are Not There Yet

This is a good start, but we have quite a way to go to reach both our financial and volunteer goals. As of this writing, we are down 20 Sponsors from last year, and we are having a difficult time finding enough volunteers to run our receptions. I am still hopeful that many people have just not taken the time to submit their Angel Sponsor Donations and volunteer cards. We have had several people who have asked to be on a sub list for volunteer positions. While subs are helpful, we really need people who can step up and make the commitment to help with all five concerts. Most of the lack of volunteer help revolves around the planning, set-up and clean-up of our receptions.

The Ugly: (See next article)