The Pumpkins are Coming!

Pumpkin patch logo.png

Beginning October 6th and running through October 31st there will be MANY opportunities for all of the Good Shepherd families to participate. We need volunteers to:

  • prepare the off-load lunch
  • offload the pumpkins
  • set up and decorate the patch
  • prepare new signage
  • host family friendly special events
  • sell pumpkins
  • count the receipts at the end of each day
  • recruit volunteers and customers from outside our church family
  • spotlight us on your social media sites
  • clean up the patch on November 1st

It takes all of us pitching in to make the Patch successful so that our five outreach partners can continue their very important work in our community.

We are counting on YOUR help this year.

Tina Hubbard –

Sally VanWelden –