Treating Good Shepherd as Your Church Home: A Message from Kathy Hunter, our Office Administrator


Hello all!  Many thanks to everyone for your support and kindness through Good Shepherd’s time of change and transition.  You have brought gifts, you have taken me to lunch, you have called to check in on me.  It does feel strange to be the only full-time staff person at the church these days, and it can be quite lonely sometimes.  Please stop by and say hello if you can.

I do my best to be in the office from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday.  The church office is closed on Fridays during the summer.  If you call the parish office and don’t get an answer, please understand that I might be in the sanctuary, or in the restroom, or anywhere else in the building, and I can’t get to the phone in time.  I also run church errands or leave for lunch now and then.  Please leave a message and I will call you back. 

Here are a few suggestions that would really help me.

If you are in the building for a meeting or event, and you are the last one out, please be sure to lock the front door, turn out lights and close interior doors.  You may not know this, but the interior doors are fire doors, so it is important to close them each evening—doors into the Chapel, the Conference Room, the basement, the Kitchen, the Parish Hall and the Sanctuary.  The best thing you can do is leave rooms as you found them.  If necessary, take a picture before you move things around so that you will know how to put things back!

If something is dropped on the carpet, please pick it up.  If something is spilled on the carpet, please clean it up.  If dishes are out, please take it upon yourself to wash them and add them to the dish rack in the Kitchen for sanitation.  If you find dead flowers in a vase, please throw them out, wash the vase for future use, and leave it in the Kitchen.

These are all basic things we all do in our own homes, so please treat Good Shepherd as your church “home.”  Unfortunately, I do not always have time to do these things for you.  If you have a concern about building needs, please let me know.

Last, but not least, if there is an area of ministry in the church that needs a volunteer, please step up if you can.  We need you all to be a part of taking care of Good Shepherd—can you help mow the lawn once a month?  Can you stop by and water plants or weed a flower bed?  Can you sign up for coffee hour and provide treats on a Sunday, then clean up the kitchen?  Can you volunteer on a Sunday to help in the nursery?  Can you join an Altar Guild team and serve once a month?  Can you read scripture on a Sunday, or train as a Lay Eucharistic Minister or Acolyte for Sunday worship? 

Play to your strengths, as there are many ministries at Good Shepherd that need you!  Please call the church office at 303-740-2688 and let us know what you can do!