Sunday School News


Sunday school begins at 9:00 am every Sunday, with the Sunday morning Worship service also starting at 9:00 am through September 2, 2018.  Two service times will again be offered starting September 9 (7:45 & 10:00 am with Sunday school starting at 9:45 am)   

Every Sunday in August, the combined Godly Play classrooms (3 years through 3rd grade) will be led by Elaine Oxenbury with either Jackie Algermissen, Patricia Colella, Amy McLaughry, Sally VanWeldon or myself helping.  The summer’s focus will continue to be Jesus’ parables.  August 5 will focus on The Sower, followed by The Unforgiving Servant, Salt and Light and on August 26, The Prodigal Son. 

Christina Blackburn, Elaine Farrell and Jena Sexton are sharing their teaching talents in the 3rd, 4thand 5th grade class over the month of August.  They are currently using Living the Good News lessons that follow the adult liturgy.  Augusts’ focus will be:  Bread of Jesus—In anticipation of His Eucharistic gift of Himself, Jesus declares that He is the bread of life (August 5); Living Bread—Jesus promises that He will save all who come to Him (August 12); Wisdom’s Banquet--today’s lessons include activities exploring the Eucharist (August 19) and the month concludes with Choose to Listen—Jesus’ words cause many to turn away from Him, but the twelve disciples recognize His teaching as the words of eternal life on August 26 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!