Stewardship Committee Announces our 2019 Stewardship Campaign Theme

HGH Newsletter 1 - 2018 (Good Shep Episcopal CO).png

Your Stewardship Committee has decided to work again this year with Church Development out of Kansas City for the format we will use for our 2019 Stewardship Campaign.  Our Theme for 2019 will be “Hope Grows Here,” which we consider to be very appropriate as we move into this Transition time to select a Priest-In-Charge to lead Good Shepherd over the next several years.  We have also chosen November 4 to be our annual Commitment Sunday for a time to receive pledges for 2019.  We will have more details on our plans for that Sunday as November 4 get closer.

The Stewardship committee includes Jim Wolfe and Kip Travis as Co-Chairs and Deb Roden, Anne McMahon, Griffin Bridgers, Tom Billings, Curt Watson, and Keith Anderson.  DeeDee Atwood works with us on graphics and communications to the Parish.

This year we hope to emphasize Time, Talent, and Treasure in our Stewardship Campaign.  As you may be aware, Good Shepherd has several key positions open at this time. We will have three Vestry slots up for election, as well as the positions of Junior and Senior Warden.  In addition, the key positions of Newcomers coordinator, Legacy coordinator, Congregational Care coordinator, and Grocery sales coordinator all need to be filled.  And, as most of you know, we are looking for one or two people to step up to take over the Pumpkin Patch in 2019.  Therefore, as you can see, we have many opportunities for your time and talent in 2019.

The Stewardship Committee has set a financial goal for 2019 to have 175 pledges, with an average pledge of $2500 per family/ individual for a pledge amount of $437,500.  This compares with 164 pledges in 2018 for a total amount of $404,000.  We believe this is a reasonable number of Pledges and financial amount for 2019.  

The video that Mike Orr from the Office of the Bishop shot at the Church picnic should be available in the next few weeks.  We will place the video on our Website for everyone to see when it is available.  We are hoping to shoot several more videos to highlight several of the Ministries at Good Shepherd.

You may be asking; how can you help?  We will be recruiting Ambassadors (make contacts with Parishioners regarding the Stewardship Campaign) and a Prayer team (praying for the Stewardship Campaign) in early September.  These teams worked very well last year, and we plan to repeat this formula this year.  We just ask that you be open to the opportunity when we contact you.  We will also be recruiting at least three Testimonial speakers to make a short sharing to the Congregation during the campaign, and we would also ask for you to be open to this opportunity.  Your Stewardship Committee is very excited about our 2019 Stewardship Campaign and we hope you will be also.