Update from the Outreach Committee

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Recent Activities
Recent activities included participating in the Denver Brain Tumor Walk in early June, and serving dinner at St. Clare’s in mid-June.  For the second year in a row, the committee organized participation by the “Good Shepherd Sheep Walkers” in the Denver Brain Tumor walk at Sloan’s Lake Park in early June.  This year, approximately 20 parishioners and friends participated, and others made donations, and together we contributed just over $2,000 to the cause.  Thanks again to all of those who participated/donated, and we hope to see you again next year.

Another annual tradition for the committee has been to serve dinner at St. Clare’s every June.  This year approximately a dozen members of the committee and friends served dinner to about 150 people on June 19th.  Thanks to Susan Jones for her tireless work on behalf of St. Clare’s and the homeless, and to several other parishioners for whom service at St. Clare’s is a regular activity.  

Upcoming In-gatherings/Events
Don’t forget the Bonfils Blood Center will be at Good Shepherd on Sunday, August 5 from 8:30-12:30.  Parishioners and friends can sign up to donate blood via the Good Shepherd website, gshep.org, or on the sign-up sheets in the hallway.
Upcoming in August is a clothing drive for St. Clare’s.  This ingathering will take place starting on Sunday, August 12 and last through Sunday, August 26.  Among the clothing items St. Clare’s needs are: 
Men’s wear is desperately needed--shorts, jeans especially size 28-34, boxer briefs (M-XL), undershirts (S-L), t-shirts, jackets.  Also needed are hats and baseball caps, sunscreen, backpacks, blankets, towels and sleeping bags.

Please also keep in mind our ongoing in-gathering of personal-sized toiletry items, 
with a basket for those located in the back corner of the Parish Hall, near the Outreach bulletin board.

New matters/members
The committee is always looking for and would welcome new members.  We meet the second Tuesday of every month from 6:30-7:30, normally in the Chapel.  We also invite parishioners who have ideas about particular outreach events that they think might be good opportunities for the Parish as a whole to participate in to share those with us.  You can contact Randy Hubbard at randyhub22@gmail.com with those ideas, or if you are interested in joining the committee.