A Day in the Life of a Good Shepherd Pumpkin

pumpkin update.jpg

This picture shows a Good Shepherd Pumpkin in the first stages of its life, soaking up the sun and taking in lots of water to help it grow to maturity.  Our pumpkins are grown on the Navajo Reservation near Farmington, New Mexico, just waiting to get big enough to send to us this fall. We work with a company called Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers out of Greensboro NC. They have been in this business for over 40 years, and they grow, harvest and deliver the pumpkins to patches all across the US. This fall we will accept delivery of one semi-truck filled with thousands of pumpkins.

The 2018 Good Shepherd Pumpkin Patch runs from October 6 - October 31. We are asking you to start thinking about what you and your family can do to make it another successful year. It takes ALL of us! Perhaps you'd like to try something new this year: set-up, participate in the offload, decorate, be a day captain, take pictures for social media, provide refreshments, be a sign waver, count the money, take-down. See what we mean about it taking ALL of us? Whether you’re new to Good Shepherd or a pumpkin patch veteran, we encourage you to schedule some time to help out with this rewarding, meaningful, fun community service. Let us know how we can help you find the best use of your time and talent. Our outreach partners thank you and so do we. 

Join us on August 19th for “Pumpkin Patch Kickoff Sunday”. We will be in the Parish Hall to answer any questions you may have and to encourage your participation in October. There will even be pumpkin themed treats.

Tina Hubbard –tinahubbard30@gmail.com
Sally VanWelden –vanwelden@comcast.net