Help us Connect with Potential Corporate Sponsors for our Series

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Do you work for a company that has a heart for helping non-profit organizations? If so, we’d like to ask that you help us connect with the person at your company that might be interested in a Corporate Sponsorship for our Music with a Mission Concert Series. According to a 2013 Consumer Behavior Study, 61% of consumers are willing to try a new brand, or one they’ve never heard of because of its association with a particular cause*. Business is brisk for companies with a heart, and consumers will support socially responsible products and companies. 

This year we are seeking four new Corporate Sponsorships of $1,000 each to help us offset the ever-increasing costs of funding our series. All we are asking for is a contact name, address and email, and a personal connection to your company. The Music with a Mission Board of Directors will take care of approaching the companies and telling them the story of our series. 

Our concert series is like the ripple effect – the more money we raise for the series, the more people we can market to, which in turn creates higher numbers at our concerts, which generates more money for our mission partners. And who knows, some of those concert goers might even decide to give Good Shepherd a shot on a Sunday morning – all by the grace of God.

If you can help us out with a contact name and email, please email DeeDee Atwood at

*2013 Cone Communications / Echo Global CSR Study