Transition Update: Preparing to Interview The Priest-In-Charge Candidate

transition (1).png

As you know from Transition communications, the Good Shepherd Vestry will receive the name of an initial candidate who the Bishop believes would be a good fit to be appointed as our Priest-in-Charge.  A confidential in-person interview of the candidate will then be arranged with the entire Vestry.

In July, the Vestry drafted behavioral-based interview questions using skills and techniques acquired in recent training.  The interview questions are both informal (the candidate’s general background) and highly-structured, reflecting the core areas of focus from our congregational meetings and Needs Assessment (published in July’s Sheepskin.)  The interview process should elicit concrete discussion about the candidate’s past performance in order to determine his or her adaptability and leadership style in the context of our church.  In all, the Vestry will want to know:

What was the situation?

What action did you take?

What resulted from your action?

Questions can also touch on aspects of the daily work of the Priest-in-Charge, such as staff relations and work standards.

In the coming weeks, the Vestry will continue the hard work of the call process.  This will include developing the framework for conducting the interview, assessing the candidate professionally and discerning the Spirit for election.