Pumpkin Patch News

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The 2018 Pumpkin Patch will officially begin with the offload on Saturday, October 6th at 9am. This will be followed by a hot dog lunch for all volunteers. Please invite your friends and family, neighbors, colleagues, high school sports teams and anyone needing community service hours to join us for this morning of fun and fellowship.  It takes well over a hundred people to set up, decorate, sell pumpkins, wave signs, count the money, plan the lunch and clean up the patch. Our five outreach partners are counting on our financial support to help them serve the needs of the hungry and homeless in our area.

Please visit www.gshep.org to learn more about these partners. You may sign up to be a Volunteer Sales Associate and/or a counter beginning September 16th. This can be done online and at the church. We hope you will sign up often!

If anyone has a shade canopy/tent that they would like to donate or loan to the Pumpkin Patch it would be greatly appreciated. We “lost” ours to the wind last year.  Please let Tina or Sally know as soon as possible. Thanks.

Tina Hubbard

Sally VanWelden