Sunday School News


Sunday school will start at 9:00 on September 2.  Then, beginning September 9, it will start at 9:45 every Sunday because we will revert back to two morning services (7:45 & 10:00) on September 9. 

Every Sunday in September, the combined Godly Play classrooms (3 years through 2nd grade) will be led by Elaine Farrell, Susie Street or Jena Sexton with either Jackie Algermissen, Sally VanWeldon or myself helping.  September’s presentations will be: The Holy Family on September 2, Creation on the 9th, Adam and Eve on Sept. 16, followed by Abraham on the 23 and the month finishes with Sarah on the 30th.

Elaine Oxenbury and Christina Blackburn are sharing their teaching talents in the 3rd, 4thand 5th grade class over the school year.  A new curriculum will be introduced this fall: Route 52 Grow Up in Christ.  There’s nothing more important to teach our children than how to build a relationship with God, and there’s no better way to do that than to teach kids the Bible.  Lessons will help kids:

  • understand why they need to grow in Christ
  • build an active faith in God and His Son, Jesus
  • know, understand and remember God’s Word
  • tell about their own hope in Jesus.

The unit for September will be: Grow up in every way to be like Christ by developing the attitudes He had. 

  • Jesus taught us that right attitudes bring blessings (The Beatitudes) on Sept. 2.
  • Jesus showed us an attitude of servanthood (Parable of the Good Samaritan) on Sept. 9.
  • Jesus taught us to be humble (Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector) on Sept. 16.
  • Jesus taught us to be forgiving and merciful (Parable of the Unmerciful Servant) on Sept. 23.
  • Jesus taught us to replace me-first attitudes with God-first attitudes (The Rich Young Man) on Sept. 30).

I pray your school year is off to a great start and we look forward to seeing all the children on Sunday mornings!