Transition Update: We are the Church

transition (1).png

Have you noticed we are growing as a congregation?   Not necessarily in numbers, but in taking on more responsibilities at Good Shepherd.   When Fr. Craig left, he gifted each vestry member with a manual of all the things that he does to keep Good Shepherd running.  Things such as turning off lights, putting chairs away after events, making sure certain chairs go in the chapel and others in the parish hall.  Who knew?   We all have taken on a little more “ownership” of our church and hopefully we will continue in that vein once we have a priest in charge.  We are the church!

Yes, you and I are the church.   The vestry and all of the ministries and everyone who sits in the pews on Sundays is the church.  Let us support one another in this challenging time.  The Good Shepherd staff have been working diligently to keep things moving forward without a leader to guide them.   Kudos to them as well.  We are an amazing group of people with many talents, skills and experience to share.  This is our time to grow our church stronger.  

So, let’s celebrate our successes large and small.  We are putting chairs away, utilizing Eucharistic Ministers to acolyte when we are short of staff, and getting to know more of our congregation as we celebrate together at one service.   And soon, the pumpkins will be here and the youth will be at Quest, their fall retreat, so we will need everyone to pitch in and move those pumpkins!  If you have always said you’d start an exercise program, now’s your chance.  Start lifting those light weights to prepare for those pumpkins!

We are also speaking up and giving feedback.  Recently, the vestry asked for feedback on the Sunday morning services.  The vestry wants to hear more from you. In the weeks, months and years ahead of us, we will have so much opportunity to engage and grow.

The vestry has spent hours weekly on this process and discerning this journey.  We so appreciate all you have done to contribute in moving us forward and letting us know what you want.   KUDOS to everyone!!!