Youth Update: Time to Register for Quest

It is that time of year again! Time to register for this fall’s youth retreat. 


Join us for this amazing retreat weekend filled with music, outdoor fun, awesome food, worship, and friendship - created for youth by youth.

This Fall's Theme: Still, Small Voice

Where do we find God's voice, and what does it sound like? Does it come to us in a howling wind, in an earth-shaking moment, or in sparks and flames? How can we hear it if we're caught up in worry, fear, doubt, confusion, busyness, and pressure from peers and school? This fall is all about listening for God's voice: when to listen, how to listen, how to know we've heard, and what to do next. We will discover ways that can help us get to that place of calm, inspiration, and knowing God's holy energy and guidance.

We will need kitchen crew volunteers to join us! Please let me know if you are interested in coming with us!