August 2018 Financial Report

Here are the August Financial figures:

  • Operating Income: Actual Year-to-Date Operating Income of $265,022 is $21,446 under the budget of $286,468.

  • Operating Expenses: Actual Year-to-Date Operating Expenses of $272,432 are $25,987 under the YTD budget of $298,420.

  • Net Loss: For the first eight months of the fiscal year, we had a net loss of $7,410 compared to a budgeted loss of $11,952.

Financial Notes

Although the financial results of the first eight months of the fiscal year show a loss, it was less than the anticipated loss. This is because other income items were higher than expected and total expenses were lower than expected. We anticipate that the plate and pledge income will increase during the last four months of the fiscal year thus allowing us to end on a positive note for the year.