Capital “Ask” status report


We have received 28 pledges from individuals/ families for a total of $31,800.  Even though we are short of our initial goal of raising $60,000 to completely pay off our mortgage, the good news is that we are roughly $32,000 closer to being debt free. 

When we complete this Capital “Ask” one-year program next July 31, 2019, and assuming we do not receive any additional money, we will have a remaining balance of approximately $30,000 on our mortgage.  Remember, eight years ago our mortgage balance was $750,000.

We have been approached by a parishioner who has offered to contribute up to $5,000 after January 1, 2019 as a matching gift for any funds we receive going forward.  As a reminder, there are pledge cards for this Capital “Ask” on the newcomer’s table in the hallway.  We hope that parishioners will still consider pledging so we can match the $5,000 proposal and get $10,000 closer to our goal.  You might consider that for every dollar you contribute, Good Shepherd will receive two dollars toward our goal.

Thank you for participating in our Capital “Ask” program. We are continuing to move toward paying off our debt (mortgage) which we have been working on for 14 years. We are getting close to this goal because of your generous donations.