Reloadable grocery cards are free for parishioners and raise 5% for Good Shepherd

How the program works:

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  • When you pay $25 for a reloadable King Soopers or Safeway grocery card, it is your $25 to spend at the store -- it is not a fee you are paying.

  • Before your groceries are scanned at the checkout, hand your grocery card to the checker and ask to reload it for any amount. You can load your card with cash, check or credit/debit card for any amount.

  • Your grocery card may also be used to purchase gasoline at King Soopers or Safeway gas stations, or at the pharmacy for your prescriptions.

  • 5% of every dollar you spend through your reloadable card comes back to Good Shepherd in a check each month. For instance, if your monthly budget for groceries is $500, the church receives $25 that month.

  • Our current net profit from grocery card sales in 2018 is $3,921 and our net profit in 2017 was $7,374. This is substantial income each year. If all of us joined this program, imagine the funds the church would receive for free.

  • Using a reloadable card does not cost you any extra money, but benefits the church all year. This IS truly a WIN-WIN for everyone!

  • We also sell non-reloadable cards for Tony's Market and Sprouts, and the church receives a discount on these cards, but you receive the full amount of the card for your own use.

WE NEED YOUR HELP with this program.

Can you sell grocery cards once a month after one of our morning worship services? It is a great way to meet fellow parishioners, and serve the church, all while having a cup of coffee! If you can help after the 7:45 am service, please contact Charlotte at: If you are available after the 10 am service, please contact JoAnn Schomerus at: