Children’s Ministry News

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Our annual Easter Egg Hunt, which we hold on Easter Sunday, continues. In order to have an abundance of eggs, we are asking families to donate plastic eggs filled with individually wrapped treats or small stickers.  We would greatly appreciate a donation of one dozen eggs per child to ensure that we have enough on Easter Sunday for our church family and visitors.  There will be a large, labeled red collection bin just inside the church entrance March 31 through April 14.  Thank you so much in advance for your generous donations that make this fun event possible!


Shrove Tuesday (March 6) will be a fun family night, with a Mardi Gras mask making opportunity in addition to the traditional pancake supper.  Festivities begin at 5 pm and will wrap up at 7 pm.


Starting this Sunday, March 3, Elaine Oxenbury is offering a 6-week Communion instruction series during the normal Sunday school class time.  It will be presented as part of the 3rd-5th grade Sunday school class, but is open to all children pre-k and above.  Depending on the ages of the children who will participate, the kids may be divided into 2 age groups for either the entire time (3rd-5th grade) or just the first half of Sunday school each week.  It will be tailored to the needs of the child and will honor your child’s Communion experience, whether this will be their first time taking Communion or not. It will be a preparation for the celebration of First Communion or a continuation of the exploration of the meaning of why we celebrate this Sacrament.  Elaine will be in contact with parents and provide further details. If you have a child who is not in the 3rd-5th grade class, please contact Elaine at to let her know your desire to have your child join this class.  Children don’t need to be baptized to be in the class, but in order for your child to receive Communion, they will need to be baptized. For more information on being baptized, please contact Rev. Gary.

March 31 will mark a special Youth & Family service, beginning at 10 am, which will become a regular offering on most 5 Sunday months (with the exception being December).  The youth and older children will play an integral part in this service and there will be a special teaching time for all the children.  On family service Sundays, all children will be in the service for its entirety, without first meeting downstairs.

Are you interested in impacting a child’s life by joining our Godly Play door person team?  We are looking for people who can check the kids in and assist them during their creative/reflective “work” time (no teaching unless you desire to).  Classes start at 9:45, so we need people to be downstairs by 9:35 and then we walk the kids up to the Sanctuary to join the congregation right before the Peace.  Training is available.  Adults as well as youth are welcome to fill this need.  This does not need to be an every week commitment, but can be, if so desired.  Please contact Sue at or talk with me on a Sunday morning.

Sunday school starts at 9:45 every Sunday.  The combined Godly Play classroom for children aged 3 years through 2nd grade will have the following: Peter’s Dream on March 3, Raising a Widow’s Son on March 10, Jesus’ Transfiguration & Healing the Young Boy on March 17, Cleansing the Temple & The Widow’s Mite on March 24 and no Sunday school on March 31 since all the kids will be in the family service upstirs (as mentioned above). The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class will cover the Communion instruction materials.