From DeeDee Atwood: Communication Update

communications (1).png

Here’s a look at what’s happening in your church regarding internal and external communication.

Ashes to Go – That’s right, we are taking our ashes on the road! On Ash Wednesday, March 6, Fr. Gary, Donna White and I will be at the Dry Creek Light Rail Station to administer ashes to people of our community. We will broadcast live on Facebook, and provide people with our newly redesigned Newcomer Brochure about our church. (See next entry)

Newcomer Trifold Brochure – We have redesigned our Newcomer Brochure into a smaller tri-fold format, which will make it easier for people to read, as well as easier for ushers to hand out. It features just enough information to whet the appetite, and even has a QR code on the back for people to link directly to our website. Pick up a few today to use as a tool to invite a friend to church.

New Welcome Cards – Our new design will make it easier to get information on our visitors. All we really need is our visitor’s name, email and phone. From there, Father Gary will contact them and help connect them to ministries that interest them. These cards will be inserted into the Newcomer Brochure.

New Prayer Request Cards – We are creating new Prayer Request Cards which will replace the old Visitor Cards in our pews. We want to encourage our parishioners and our visitors to tell us how we can care and pray for them.

Table Top Cards for Parish Hall – We will be adding table-top display cards to every table in the Parish Hall. These cards will be three-sided, and will feature upcoming information about the church, ideas from our Invite, Welcome, Connect committees, and questions to engage you as you sit and socialize during coffee hour.

Youth Sunday Invite Cards – We have big plans for our Youth & Family Sunday service on March 31! We will provide special invitation cards to our Youth so they can invite their friends to our church. We will also have copies of the cards available for parishioners who wish to invite their friends and neighbors.