Youth & Family Service coming on Sunday, March 31

Elmer Fudd.png

"Be Afwaid, be vewy vewy Afwaid! Youth Sunday’s a-comin’!"— Elmer Fudd

NOT! — Fr. Gary (who remembers that Elmer Fudd was . . . . a fuddy-duddy!)

Good Shepherd is proud of, and committed to, our Youth Program! And I believe that once a year is too seldom to have our young people bring their passion for their faith into our worship. 

We will be celebrating, and showcasing, our young people on the fifth Sundays of the year- and the next one is March 31st!  (And, yes, that’s also “Vitality Sunday” this year — see the other article! NOTHING’s more vital than our youth!)

All of the planning hasn’t been finalized, but I have no doubt that it will be amazing — even though we’ll be in LENT! And the reason I know that is that our young folks — whether 2 or 12 or 20 — ARE amazing!  So set aside any plans you have for the last Sunday of March, and plan to be at the 10 am service!  And bring ALL of your un-afwaid enthusiasm!