It’s not too late to give your feedback for our Vitality Survey

vitality survey.jpg

During our March 31 services we administered the "U.S. Congregational Vitality Survey" which is intended to help our congregation identify our strengths and our “Overall Vitality” in several key areas. If you have not had a chance to fill out this important survey, you will still have a chance to give your feedback after service on April 7, or go to to fill it out online. Your feedback is important and will help us determine several things - how well we prepare people for, and engage in, mission within our congregation and outside our walls; do we prepare servant leaders; is our worship Spirit-filled; how well we care for each other, etc.

 Not only will we get a snapshot of Good Shepherd’s vitality, but we will also be able to see how we compare to other churches in our state and across the country.