Lenten Quiet Morning on April 6 will feature Stations of the Cross Shrine

lent quiet morning.jpg

The Lent Quiet Morning, scheduled for April 6 between 9 am and noon, will feature an unstructured meditation using photos of the Stations of the Cross Shrine in San Luis, Colorado. The pictures, taken by former parishioners Rev. Diane Moore and Sherry Niermann, will serve as thought provokers to guide participants through a unique and personal Lent experience.

The Stations of the Cross are a series of bronze statues that depict the last hours of Christ’s life—his judgment, sufferings, and death. Each station shows a different scene and is accompanied by a plaque with several Bible Scriptures. Each plaque also asks for special prayer requests, most are for the families that donated that station. There are 15 stations in all with the last station being Christ’s resurrection.

In exchange for Sherry and Diane allowing us to use their photographs, we agreed to do a free-will offering for the Episcopal school for the disabled in Port au Prince. St. Vincent's Center is a school for 200 children in Port-au-Prince. On the 8.6 acre campus, they daily teach 100 deaf, 60 blind, and 40 physically-challenged children, many of whom are in wheelchairs. They also operate a medical clinic and a brace-making shop in downtown Port-au-Prince, near the former site that was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Some of the graduates, under guidance from professionals, make prostheses for Haiti's poorest of the poor. Founded in 1945 by Sister Joan of the Episcopal Order of the Sisters of St. Margaret, St. Vincent's is known throughout Haiti as a place where children with disabilities are both educated and cared for.

For more information about the Lent Quiet Morning, contact Karin Elsen or Deborah Sampson