Stewardship Update: Success and a key for our 2019 budget


Overall, we have now received 155 pledges for a total of $438,933 or $2832 per pledge.  Our original goal for the Stewardship Campaign was 175 pledges for $437,500 or $2500 per pledge.  As you can see from the numbers, we are under the number of pledges we had hoped to receive, but with the Supplemental Stewardship Campaign, we are significantly higher on our average per pledge. 

The key factor for our 2019 budget will be that we can maintain our pledges and keep them current.  This successful Supplemental Stewardship Campaign has allowed us to maintain staff in eleven areas and we hope this will help us as we grow both spiritually and in numbers.  As many of you know, last year we were 11% under in our actual received pledges compared to our pledged budget. This $25,000 shortage on our pledges resulted in us barely breaking even in 2018.  Our hope and our prayer for 2019 is that we can maintain our pledges to complement our sharing at our Annual Meeting and the wonderful financial response to our Supplemental Stewardship Campaign.