Help needed sewing supply bags for Jamaica Mission 2020


The Jamaica 2019 Medical and Dental trip was a huge success. It is time to start sewing supply bags for Jamaica 2020.  There are baskets of precut fabrics and instruction sheets on the table in the hallway. Samples are available to examine.  If you don’t have “cording” available to you, don’t worry about it.  We have several different kinds of cording—ribbon, twine, braid etc. and the amazing Marjorie Lell who inserts the cords.    However, we could use more cords.  So, if you are cleaning out that ribbon/rope/cording/seam tape/hemming tape drawer—we can use them.  Just leave them on the table by the baskets.

We need to have all the bags turned in by the end of November.  Shipping documentation must be filed for in December.

If you have questions, contact Beverly Wolfe.