Children’s Ministry News


I hope that everyone is having a great summer!  The kids may be on summer break, BUT Sunday school continues to meet EVERY Sunday at 9:45!  Then at approximately 10:35, we process into the sanctuary so the kids can rejoin their family at the Peace, followed by the celebration of Holy Communion.

The combined Godly Play classroom (which currently meets in the chapel for children aged 3 years through 2nd grade) will continue our summer Saint’s series.

·         July 7:    St. Valentine and St. Patrick

·         July 14:  St. Catherine of Sienna 

·         July 21:  St. Julian of Norwich & St. Columba 

·         July 28:  St. Elizabeth of Portugal & St. Augustine of Hippo.

In the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class (which currently meets in the room across from the chapel), we are returning to using Living the Good News which is liturgically based, meaning it follows the church service liturgy.

·         July 7:  Sent by Jesus (Go out and tell the good news:  God brings prosperity and justice to the world). 

·         July 14:  Mercy & Obedience (God has brought you into the kingdom of Jesus Christ, that you might inherit life without limits…the Good Samaritan).

·         July 21:  Welcoming God (Watch for the Holy One, people of God, that you may choose to receive God’s blessing…Mary and Martha).

·         July 28:  Boldness and Forgiveness (Remember your standing in Christ, brothers and sisters; call on God without fear).

Have a safe and fun summer!  We look forward to seeing all the children on Sunday mornings.