July 14 Faith Forum to feature presentation on downsizing

downsizing graphic.png

We spend many parts of our life accumulating stuff – buying, swapping, being given, and inheriting wonderful worldly goods.  Then comes the time when we don’t want, have the space for, or are just plain done with all the dust-catchers and finery of eras past.  How to get to the spiritual essence of what we have, and why we have it will be an ongoing goal.

Join parishioner Anne McMahon for an informational overview on the world of downsizing – what to do with, how to determine, and most importantly how to let go – of all those memories (and sets of dishes). The presentation will take place on Sunday, July 14th at 9 am in the Chapel.

Whether it’s that the clutter has finally gotten to you, or you’re planning a move with a real move date and it’s now serious – or you’re looking ahead and seeing what the next steps are for you – come and bring your questions, concerns and listen to an experienced, retired, business owner from the senior move manger business share stories and solutions.